Glimpse into the future~

Published February 4, 2012 by proxycore

Huzzah, I’ve finally gotten around to creating a blog! After much talk and not much do, I decided that I will just go with creating one here, since I don’t really like Tumblr.

Well I suppose an introduction is in order. I am Jellyfish~ Or my real name is Harmony. I am currently taking grade 11 in the IB program, full diploma too. So needless to say I don’t really have much spare time. But when I do (when I’m not doing homework or doing mandatory CAS hours), you can find me playing field hockey, playing video games or working a anything to do with music. I used to play piano but stopped as I went into IB, so I usually just use FL studio to compose. And whenever I can, I suppose I will post what I have on here.

Just a little idea of what you might be seeing here in the future. Any updates with a little group I have would be posted, random rants on life and the little problems it throws at me, as well as any thoughts I may have. Anyways, make sure you join the Jellyfish Komrades by clicking subscribe on the side! Until next time!

Jellyfish out!~


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