Published February 21, 2012 by proxycore

Hello my few followers and some wanderers of the internet. Jellyfish has to bring to you another update for Dolcette after a wait that is slightly overdue. So unfortunately, the recording isn’t done yet like BBJia and me have planned, but we decided it isn’t really fair to leave some of you guys hanging like this. So behold, the first gift that Dolcette is going to give you guys. We were planning on recording one of our originals, but truthfully it isn’t finished yet. So here is the work in progress of the instrumental.

Please ignore the fact that the Video states that it is finish, even though it’s just an instrumental, it isn’t finished yet. We are going to do some adjusting once the melody is figured out and the lyrics are. Sounds pretty simple (yet awesome) right? Well I can’t take any credit for this. BBJia was the one who created the whole instrumental so far. Maybe I should post a preview for the lyrics and melody sometime soon! And for those who don’t like it? Well don’t be expecting that much, this is just a pilot after all.

Now we were also thinking of covering a song called “Secret base ~君がくれたもの~”. But things kept on coming up during our planned recording dates and we simply haven’t gotten to that yet. So here’s the instrumental we plan on using to cover.

Haha, I feel like I am showing too much right now. When we actually post our recordings there will be no surprise at all. That’s ok, if it helps your guys not get bored, I will inform you that the original song will at least have some changes in the instrumental.

Well that’s pretty much it for the update! Hopefully the cover will be out relatively soon and the original shortly after! So enjoy this tiny gifts we give you! Until next time~

Jellyfish out~


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