Blue (Japanese Ver.) Cover

Published March 24, 2012 by proxycore

Hello members of JK and random passerby-ers! I know what you all are thinking: ‘WOAH! She’s NOT DEAD!’. Yes, I know it’s been much too long since I’ve updated but better late than never, right?

I know life of a jellyfish may not seem that complex, but it really is rather busy. It’s hard to get things done without muscles of any sort. But now I’ve returned with something that will hopefully make up for the previous silence of this blog.

So, your overlord has been sick lately, but that didn’t stop her from doing what she did today. And that is, drum roll please, enter the Big Bang ‘Blue’ Cover competition with Dolcette!

This was my first attempt at recording music, unlike my infinitely more experienced partner. So needless to say….things weren’t as good as they should be. Not only was I already sick, I was also very nervous. I had to take a good two hours to get my parts down when BBJia got her good copy on the first try. This was also a spur of the moment thing, we originally weren’t going to make a cover of ‘Blue’.

So while we were organizing the lyrics, we realized that we had a lot of difficulty with the Korean. Neither of us speak Korean and trying to was just making us butcher the language. Instead, we looked to an English version. However, we found creating the English lyrics was simply too much trouble. Finally, we decided to try the Japanese version, which I still messed up with my horrid pronunciation…..No matter, that was the version we used! Plus, for some odd reason this song sounds a lot cuter in Japanese!

At this point, since we entered the competition so late (and because my vocal skills are not up to par), I doubt that we will actually come close to winning. It’s fun to enter anyways, isn’t that right? Again, please excuse my horrible Japanese pronunciation. BBJia is really good at this and she also covers other Japanese songs. You should check out her channel at JPopSky.

Thanks for tuning in guys! I know I’m not great in this song but I promise I will be better next time =) I will practice lots and lots for you guys and try not to get sick ❤ Until next time~

Jellyfish out~


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