IB, the May edition

Published May 6, 2012 by proxycore

Hello members of JK and passerbys. I’ve realized that it’s been a while since I last updated, so here I am! I guess what I have for you guys today is more of an opinion piece.

30827399So life for me has been pretty hectic lately. I know most of the readers out there are in IB and they all know what I am talking about; the IB exams. May used to be my favorite month, when the weather was nice but not too hot, when things were just starting to grow again and when you get your first hint at the upcoming summer holidays. But that’s not how it is when you are in IB. Instead, you are stuck at home (procrastinating) to study for your crazy 3 paper long HL finals, all the while still having homework from the rest of your subjects. And while you are in your IB life, stuck at home studying while the weather outside is looking dishearteningly amazing, the rest of the world is preparing for summer. Lots of local events are popping up, your non-IB friends are asking you if you want to hang out and watch ‘The Avengers’, all the while you are forced to decline them all.

But all of that studying pays off right? Well, not if you’re like me and lack the ability to retain any information in my (possibly nonexistent) brain. After writing the first paper on the first day, my mind felt violated. The worst part is knowing there’s more the next day….. Well, nonetheless, I managed to survive my first IB exam (only to have more coming before the end of May). But this was probably all avoidable….if my ‘studying’ didn’t look like this:

But we’ll make it, right? Even though the entire time I was writing paper two I felt like I was getting trolled……


IB really is my abusive boyfriend. He takes up my time, doesn’t let me hang out with friends, and tells me over and over that I’m intellectually incapable…..

Well, until next time!

Jellyfish out dying~


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