Care to have some Schubert?

Published May 2, 2013 by proxycore

Hello my aquatic and air breathing friends~

As of lately I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading to learn the material for my exa- AHEM! I mean review my learned material for my IB exams. As much as I appreciate the works of Shakespeare and enjoy immersing myself in modern dramas, the studying is stressful nonetheless when it is for IB. What better way to relieve stress other than to listen to some works by your favorite Western Classical composers?

A while back in the course, I studied the play ‘Death and the Maiden’ by Ariel Dorfman, and it was through this morbid production that I was introduced to the works of Schubert. The Death and the Maiden Quartet immediately became one of my favorites. The usage of the quartet in the play was brilliant as well, it gave the rape scene a sense of gravity that I can’t explain. I do recommend reading it. After going through some of his other pieces, I came across one which was composed for piano. I will let you guys here it and decide for yourselves what you think of it.

Hopefully Schubert will keep me sane while I study for exams next month as well…

Jellyfish out~

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