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Protecting a Robin’s Nest

Published June 21, 2013 by proxycore

Hello fishies and non-fishies~

So as some of you might know, there’s a rain induced flood currently where I live. It seemed to have come out of nowhere on Monday and it is progressively getting worse. The flood spreads across Calgary, Canmore, Black Diamond and other areas surrounding it. Evacuation orders have been made and people have been stocking up on food and water. Those who have been evicted in Calgary have been told to prepare for up to 72 hours evacuation. It looks like the flood this year will be worse than the one that happened in 2005. Luckily for me, I live in an area that is on higher ground and the river I am closest to is in a creek, I the chances are that I won’t be experiencing any flooding nearby.

There is a completely different story in Canmore though, the number 1 highway has been completely destroyed and homes are on the verge of being washed away. More can be seen in this link. There has also been two lives lost in High River and one missing person. My prayers go out for her safe return if possible.

Needless to say, the flooding as been rather extreme. Calgarians are working together to provide safe houses for people who were forced out of their homes and without a place to. The Saddledome in Stampede park is currently flooded up to the 10th row of seats and downtown Calgary is completely cut off in terms of transportation. It is almost like an apocalypse of some sort. People are buying out the bottled water at supermarkets, the waters are washing away homes and completely submerging areas, power outages are occurring and the streets are deserted in the core of the city.

Story time: When I first moved into the house that I’m currently living in, me and my family noticed a little nest underneath my balcony. It turned out to be a home to what would be a family of Robins. The egged hatched and I remember hearing the chicks peeping just a few days prior to the storm. Unfortunately, when we checked on the birds the next day, we saw that the nest was soaked and both the parents had flown off presumably to find some dry shelter. We were worried that because of the weather, the birds had given up and abandoned the nest. I wasn’t able to hear any peeping anymore and I could see the two chick’s motionless bodies from between the cracks of my balcony.



We were very concerned that the chicks had died of hypothermia and that the parents weren’t coming back. But after a couple hours of frantically searching the internet for methods to deal with an abandoned nest with possibly dead babies inside, the mother robin came back. It was quite sad, she roosted for 9 hrs straight and flew off. She waited at my back fence for a bit next to what I assumed was the father bird before heading off. I checked on the chicks again and they still seemed motionless. We were very worried that they may have truly given up.

Just in case however, me and my brother decided to cover the area above the nest with a cardboard box wrapped in a plastic bag. We placed a stone on top of it to prevent the winds from blowing away. We hoped that this would prevent the birds from getting too wet and protect them in the future, in the case that the mother and father returned.



To our relief….the parents returned! They roosted the chicks more and the father bird brought back food for the young. Me and my brother watched them from the safety of our basement and we could see a visible dry spot around the nest from our cardboard cover. When we changed the cover today,we were able to see the chicks moving from on top of the balcony. Their feathers have grown and they are starting to get bigger at quite a surprising rate. I wish I could take a photo but the crack between the boards was too small for the camera to be able to capture anything. We can hear them peeping occasionally again now when we go out.


I apologize for the picture quality, I didn’t want to go too close and scare the bird away.

I am excited to see the chicks grow up and leave the nest. According to wikipedia, the chicks will leave two weeks after they hatch. They will then continue to follow their parents around begging for food for another two weeks before going off on their own. Hopefully I will be able to find better photos of the robins and keep everyone posted.

To the Robin families everywhere and everyone living in Southern Alberta: Keep dry and safe! We will get through this.

The Mayor warns that the worst is yet to come, so we will brace ourselves.

Until next time, Jellyfish out~

Team Siren Disbanded

Published June 20, 2013 by proxycore

Hello to all my League players out there~

I heard a while back on facebook that Team Siren has disbanded, but I was a little skeptical so I decided to wait it out and look for more proof. It seems like it is true though. I’m a little disappointed that they disbanded so quickly but we all know they wouldn’t have lasted that long anyways. I know I wouldn’t be able to handle all the internet attention and hate if I was part of the team. And the team wouldn’t have gotten so much hate if they were formed for the sake of gaming instead of formed as an all girl team for the sake of publicity and money.


From what I know Christina was the first to leave because she didn’t like all the bad media around Team Siren (I don’t blame her). Solvanas was next to leave, which was disappointing because I was still waiting on her to be more entertaining in her live streams. I expected her to say more funny things like in their promo video but she never did.

Oh well, so ends the short ride of Team Siren, the plus side is that I won’t be forever a Team Siren blogger now.

To all the ex-Sirens: Don’t stop gaming!

Jellyfish out~

300: Rise of an Empire Official Trailer

Published June 18, 2013 by proxycore

Hello there fishlings~

So I just heard that there was a sequel to the movie 300 (and by just heard, I mean my friend told me about it when it first came out and I chose to ignore it at the time). I’m quite sure that we all know what to expect for 300: Rise of an Empire though; epicness, manliness, sexy time, Xerxes being creepy and cruel all mixed in with the added touch of strong female roles to satisfy society’s rising wave of feminism and thirst for gender equality.


I usually describe the first movie as just pure epicness and watching it would be a passage of rights for boys to become men. I mean, it doesn’t get any manlier than having 300 men fight for their country while being heavily outnumbered, all the while wearing no body armor.


Seriously, where did he pull the apple out of? His Speedo? Either way, I’m pretty sure I’m still going to see this movie in theaters. Maybe it will be like a second passage of rights into a more extreme state of manliness.

I actually haven’t read the 300 comics before. For those of you out there who have, do you think it would be worth it?

Anyways, until next time!

Jellyfish out~

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Published June 11, 2013 by proxycore

Hello mermaids, elves, dragons and humans~

It seems that my obsession has hit an all time low when I can no longer read or watch anything to do with Lord of the Rings without crying (tears of joy of course). The books were simply a part of my childhood and continue to be a source of entertainment or comfort when I need it. Just listening to the OST from the movies makes me feel nostalgic and at home.

I was a little disappointed with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Everything did seem a lot smoother since it was filmed at 48 frames per second instead of the usual 24 frames did make a difference. But it felt like the movie really dragged on; I remember a scene right before the White Council gathered where Galadriel turned to face Gandalf. It was the stereotypical epic scene where a great character is revealed to the audience (lights shining in the background and everything) but instead of it being epic, the scene felt like it just dragged on as she turned very slowly. It feels like the director, Peter Jackson, was just stretching out this 400 page book into three movies just so he can maximize potential profit. Either way, since it is the byproduct of something J.R.R. Tolkien made, I’m going to continue to see all the Hobbit movies in theaters.

There was a new international trailer released today, but nothing could beat the first announcement trailer where the dwarves sang ‘The Misty Mountains Cold‘. I can’t wait to see how Tauriel will be portrayed~ I am hoping there is a bit more action in this movie though, instead of long scenes of people turning around epic-ly.

Sends chills down my spine every time….It is because of this that I wish I was a male dwarf…..

Forever a closet elf,

Jellyfish out~

Winning is NOT an option

Published June 4, 2013 by proxycore

Hello sea creatures, whether you be ordinary or monstrous~

So yesterday I introduced everyone to the new all female League of Legends team, The Sirens. Today I was able to watch one of their games for the first time live on twitch. Well, I’m sure all of us can predict how the game went. It was really fun to watch nonetheless cause TheOddOne does the best commentaries and it’s always entertaining to watch  HotshotGG and WildTurtle.

Here’s a screenshot of the game 17 minutes in:

siren game

The Sirens were at 9 kills versus 24 kills and behind in gold by 10.5k, all of them were at negative scores and WildTurtle was ridiculously fed. I was kinda hoping against all odds that they would be able to pick up a bit later in the game but after the other team got into their base I didn’t really see a way they could make a come back. Then again, what do I know?

siren finalJust kidding, I was right (obviously). The Sirens ended up 20k behind in gold but they improved a bit in terms of kills, ratio wise I guess. I think the saddest part was that HotshotGG and WildTurtle weren’t even playing their usual positions yet Team Siren still got completely destroyed. Where was all the beating and outsmarting that Solvanas promised me? Now let’s take a look at some notable quotes by TheOddOne in this commentary.

‘Winning is NOT an option.’

‘Hotshot is doing negative damage.’

Here’s the recording:

Oh well, the game was entertaining to watch even though the end result was rather predictable. There is also another new all female League of Legends team called ‘The Mystical Angels’ that I just heard about today. They are stationed in Malaysia and have a better promo video. Not perfect, but better nonetheless.

I’m not sure if this video is significantly better or if I’m just too scarred from the Siren’s video to know better. The video seemed to be a lot less try-hard than the video for The Sirens, which was really the main problem I had with an all girl team in the first place. But the fact of the matter is that they are still trying to use gender as the focus for marketing this game team rather than skill.

My favorite quote from the video:

‘You can make a sandwich and play games at the same time.’

I’d like to see the two all female teams face off but I don’t think that’s going to happen, being from different servers and all.

Oh well, I’m going to try to ease of League of Legends posts for now since I don’t want to turn my blog completely in that direction. But since I already have two posts about Team Siren out, I wouldn’t mind changing this blog into a League of Legends blog if someone were to, I don’t know, sponsor me? (hint, clue, nudge). Just kidding…I actually have no idea what I’m talking about most of the time in regards to League of Legends and I might end up being a try-hard Siren myself…

Anyways, enough Siren bashing! Good luck in future games Team Siren as well as all other League of Legends players who are reading this! Remember, losing is NOT an option!

Jellyfish out~

Introducing Team Siren…wait wtf?

Published June 3, 2013 by proxycore

Hello little fishes~

So I’ve been out of the League of Legends loop for a while now since I got completely crushed by some gold and platinum leaguers on my birthday a month ago (they crushed my spirit with relentless gamer rage and used the mush and powder of my remaining body to pave the road to their inevitable victory), but I didn’t expect so much to change since I was last there.

Try not to cringe too much while watching this:

There’s a new team out there now called ‘Team Siren’. It’s clearly using the fact that it is an all girl team as a marketing tool. This seems more like a feminist movement rather than the creation of a new gaming team. The fact that they keep stating over and over ‘I am a Siren’ sounds more like they are saying ‘I am a woman’. This feminist movement is going to lead nowhere when the get crushed as a team……

Let’s look at some of the quotes that they say.

‘This is bigger than us.’ – A Little JENNY

‘I’ll beat you and outsmart you.’ – Solvanas

‘We live together, we play together. This is my family.’

I feel like this is trying way to hard to prove that girls can game. Which in reality, it’s going to make it a lot worse if they do badly. They would just emphasize that girls are worse at gaming when they lose since they are being promoted as an all girl gaming group rather than focusing on the gaming portion. And I’m pretty sure that they don’t make the other teams male specific, the good players just happen to be guys (sadly for us girls…). It would even be better if it was a mixed gender team, cause then it feels like the focus is more on gaming rather than marketing the fact that they are girls.

Although, feminism does work as a marketing strategy. The results won’t all be positive though, a lot of people already think this team is stupid (myself included). However, I now want to watch their games just to see just how bad they are and to maybe watch them get pulverized. I’m sure lots of others are going to start watching now too for the same reasons. All attention is good attention in this case, cause it will bring more popularity and interest to this e-sport. At the same time, I do feel bad for the girls who have to be the poster board for this calamity.

Well, I’m bleeding internally from somewhere after watching this.

I better go patch myself up, or go troll a bunch of soloq games and open each one by saying ‘I am a Siren’.

Until next time!

Jellyfish out~