About Your Overlord

For most of my life, I had been mindlessly drifting off in the open sea and letting the current move me. It should be noted that I am incorrectly named a fish, as I have no backbone. Most of my body is comprised of water, much more so than a human body is. I am almost like a sea tomato……except not a plant and also carnivorous. That’s right, I am carnivorous. I feed upon plankton, various eggs, crustaceans and even small fish and jellyfish.  But don’t worry about it, this cannibalistic ball of jelly only feeds on it’s enemies. I eat their brains and gain their knowledge, therefore gaining an advantage in intelligence as well as size…..or so I would wish. But what the hey! I don’t even have a brain, how would I know better.

Jellyfish usually appear in swarms or groups. But this jellyfish has somehow drifted off alone in the sea. Jelly is feeling awfully lonely, without a colony to rule, it’s dream of eventual sea wide domination is out of the reach of it’s tentacles. First the internet, then to conquer the world! So you must do your part, follow this blog to support a just, kind, all knowing and extremely flexible leader. Join the Jellyfish Korps today!

….Enough of all that.

In reality, the Jellyfish is just a high school student who (mistakenly) chose to go down the path of IB. So for those who are in the IB program, they would know that outside of IB, there really isn’t much left of you, haha. When I’m not doing homework or practicing field hockey, you can find me gaming or doing pretty much anything with music. ❤ And of course there’s also the attempts for gathering more Jellyfish for this syndicate….haha

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