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Protecting a Robin’s Nest

Published June 21, 2013 by proxycore

Hello fishies and non-fishies~

So as some of you might know, there’s a rain induced flood currently where I live. It seemed to have come out of nowhere on Monday and it is progressively getting worse. The flood spreads across Calgary, Canmore, Black Diamond and other areas surrounding it. Evacuation orders have been made and people have been stocking up on food and water. Those who have been evicted in Calgary have been told to prepare for up to 72 hours evacuation. It looks like the flood this year will be worse than the one that happened in 2005. Luckily for me, I live in an area that is on higher ground and the river I am closest to is in a creek, I the chances are that I won’t be experiencing any flooding nearby.

There is a completely different story in Canmore though, the number 1 highway has been completely destroyed and homes are on the verge of being washed away. More can be seen in this link. There has also been two lives lost in High River and one missing person. My prayers go out for her safe return if possible.

Needless to say, the flooding as been rather extreme. Calgarians are working together to provide safe houses for people who were forced out of their homes and without a place to. The Saddledome in Stampede park is currently flooded up to the 10th row of seats and downtown Calgary is completely cut off in terms of transportation. It is almost like an apocalypse of some sort. People are buying out the bottled water at supermarkets, the waters are washing away homes and completely submerging areas, power outages are occurring and the streets are deserted in the core of the city.

Story time: When I first moved into the house that I’m currently living in, me and my family noticed a little nest underneath my balcony. It turned out to be a home to what would be a family of Robins. The egged hatched and I remember hearing the chicks peeping just a few days prior to the storm. Unfortunately, when we checked on the birds the next day, we saw that the nest was soaked and both the parents had flown off presumably to find some dry shelter. We were worried that because of the weather, the birds had given up and abandoned the nest. I wasn’t able to hear any peeping anymore and I could see the two chick’s motionless bodies from between the cracks of my balcony.



We were very concerned that the chicks had died of hypothermia and that the parents weren’t coming back. But after a couple hours of frantically searching the internet for methods to deal with an abandoned nest with possibly dead babies inside, the mother robin came back. It was quite sad, she roosted for 9 hrs straight and flew off. She waited at my back fence for a bit next to what I assumed was the father bird before heading off. I checked on the chicks again and they still seemed motionless. We were very worried that they may have truly given up.

Just in case however, me and my brother decided to cover the area above the nest with a cardboard box wrapped in a plastic bag. We placed a stone on top of it to prevent the winds from blowing away. We hoped that this would prevent the birds from getting too wet and protect them in the future, in the case that the mother and father returned.



To our relief….the parents returned! They roosted the chicks more and the father bird brought back food for the young. Me and my brother watched them from the safety of our basement and we could see a visible dry spot around the nest from our cardboard cover. When we changed the cover today,we were able to see the chicks moving from on top of the balcony. Their feathers have grown and they are starting to get bigger at quite a surprising rate. I wish I could take a photo but the crack between the boards was too small for the camera to be able to capture anything. We can hear them peeping occasionally again now when we go out.


I apologize for the picture quality, I didn’t want to go too close and scare the bird away.

I am excited to see the chicks grow up and leave the nest. According to wikipedia, the chicks will leave two weeks after they hatch. They will then continue to follow their parents around begging for food for another two weeks before going off on their own. Hopefully I will be able to find better photos of the robins and keep everyone posted.

To the Robin families everywhere and everyone living in Southern Alberta: Keep dry and safe! We will get through this.

The Mayor warns that the worst is yet to come, so we will brace ourselves.

Until next time, Jellyfish out~

Ironman 3: A Sky Full of Exploding Ironmen

Published May 18, 2013 by proxycore

Screen shot 2013-01-23 at 6.59.11 PM

Hello everyone, from lobster monsters to un-dead walkers~

After precisely two weeks of postponing, I have finally watched Ironman 3 in theaters. Being a fan of Ironman since the comic books, and becoming an even greater fan after Robert Downey Jr. was cast as Tony Stark for the first movie in 2008, this was a must see movie for me. And it is safe to say that if you have not seen it yourself, I’d recommend that you do so.

However, like all movies, Ironman 3 was not perfect. The movie was a collaboration between Disney and Marvel and it showed. I generally enjoy movies by Marvel (mainly because I have a weakness for superheroes), but the excessive fighting and explosions and the fact that Stark was able to survive them all without the protection of his suit seemed unrealistic and took away from the action of the movie. There were also a few plot holes that should be pointed out.

When Stark first met Harley Keener, Harley attacked him as if he didn’t know who he was. He was only able to recognize Stark after seeing his suit, yet a few seconds later he pulls out the paper where Stark’s face was on the front page. How would the kid not recognize Tony Stark when he made a reference to the papers which was implied that he read earlier? I really enjoyed the interaction between these two characters though, while Stark may have been a jerk to the kid, it did make the audience laugh.


Another hole that I noticed was near the end, when Pepper falls to her presumed death. She fell into an explosion wearing a sports bra and pants (that I assume are not resistant of a 3000 degree Celsius flame) yet later on returns to save Stark in the same outfit.

Although, after Pepper was subjected to Extremis and gained superpowers, I was half hoping that they would keep her that way and have a new female superhero be born, and half thinking how ridiculous that idea would be. The movie seemed to be inching towards a bit of a role reversal as Pepper saved Stark as many times as he saved her.

The overall feel of the movie reminded me of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. Harley is similar to Robin, in which they are both seen to be successors of the main superhero. And like how the end of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ ends with the ‘end of Batman’, Ironman 3 ends with Tony Stark removing the arc reactor in his chest and destroying all his Ironman suits in a series of fireworks. Although technically neither Tony Stark nor Bruce Wayne are dead, it give a bit of a conclusion to their legacy as a superhero. Although the difference is there isn’t really a conclusion to Ironman yet as he still has work with the Avengers.

Plot holes and slightly unrealistic fighting asides, I still thoroughly enjoyed the movie. We were able to see another side of Stark’s character as he experienced anxiety throughout the movie and yet still get the same amount of ass-whooping as usual. The actors were wonderful and Ben Kingsley did a great job with his character. The idea of the Mandarin just being a clueless actor was rather entertaining and well portrayed, even if the idea of it seems a bit of a stretch. The movie went from being rather serious to completely ridiculous in a matter of seconds.

The cinematics and special effects were great and the humor was amazing. I would give the overall movie a 5.8/10. I would have enjoyed it more if they cut down on the unrealistic fighting a bit though. I’d have to say the part where Ironman made his remaining suits into fireworks, and the sky literally filled with exploding Ironmans has to be my favorite part. It was ridiculous, but it made my day. It felt so Disney-ish to see the sky light up with exploding suits while Pepper and Stark embraced under the night sky.

Either way, I look forward to seeing more movies with Robert Downey Jr.’s Ironman in them.

Here’s something I found later on that I thought matched my opinion rather well.


Until then,

Jellyfish out~